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SYNOPSIS - To save his job as an employment agent, former musician William (Willie K) must get a job for Merton (Eric Gilliom), a bumbling man-child who surfs every day in a place where there are no waves. Meanwhile, William's long-time girlfriend, Laura (Carolyn Omine), cooks up a half-baked scheme to drag her man to the alter. Fueling the fun is a colorful cast of islanders including a traffic cop, (Augie T), a tourist (Jake Shimabukuro) and cameos by Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers and Willie Nelson. Written/directed by Maui's Brian Kohne, Get a Job "is a name dropper's delight -- a who's who of Hawaiian musicians and entertainers" (Hawaii Tribune-Herald) with a tropical soundtrack by the award-winning Barefoot Natives. It's a multicultural plate-lunch of surprise and hilarity certain to leave you smiling and hungry for more! 


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